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What is naturopathy and how can it help me?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to improving your health and well-being. It focuses on treating you individually by supporting the health of you as a whole, not just the affected area. The physical, emotional and mental aspects of your well-being are treated naturally, combining both traditional and modern day medicines. Naturopathy is safe and effective, and aims to improve your health and well-being using an individually customised, clear treatment plan.

Initial consultation 60 - 90 minutes $100
Follow up

30 - 60 minutes

Up to 30 minutes



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What naturopathic therapies can Phoenix Clinic provide me with?

medicine holistic OtagoQuantum Reflex Analysis

A unique and highly effective form of kinesiology (muscle testing) that energetically tests the status of the body's key organs and glands.

Holistic Health Consult

Comprehensive, clinical advice that addresses dietary, nutritional, emotional and lifestyle aspects of health.

health Herbal NaturopathyToxic Mineral Detoxification

An effective, safe and natural way to detox the body of toxic minerals. Today many health problems can be attributed to toxic mineral accumulation. Detoxification can be an effective way to regain health.

Emotional Repolarisation Technique

The ERT procedure quickly and effectively repolarises negative emotional issues.

External Detoxification

A range of traditional and modern techniques using therapeutic clays, castor oil and herbal preparations.

holistic Otago medicine

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

An analytical test which measures the mineral content of hair. Interpreted correctly, hair anlysis provides indications of mineral imbalances, deficiencies and excesses of many essential and toxic minerals. HTMA is an important tool in assessing chronic illness given the rising levels of toxic minerals in the environment and the widespread nutrient deficiencies of the typical western diet.

First Light Flower Essences of NZ

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand is a range of flower essences made from the unique native flora of New Zealand. A powerful yet gentle means of transformation these essences are natural vibrational remedies to achieve holistic wellbeing. Flower essences are an easy to take and safe way to relieve stress and offer emotional support.


Heal your mind, body and soul with...


Herbal medicine  


Natural medicine  


Deep tissue massage

Complimentary medication  

And more...





I'm not sure what I need - help! 

Phoenix Clinic offer consultations where we can discuss your needs and requirements, and suggest the most effective naturopathic treatment for you.


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About Phoenix Clinic

Kimberley MarshIn 2004, Kimberley opened Phoenix Clinic after completing her Diploma in Naturopathy and Remedial Bodywork Therapies.

Also trained in QRA Kinesiology, Kimberley uses a range of naturopathic techniques to determine your unique health needs and prescribe the precise remedy for your healing.


Variety of naturopathic therapies...

  • Herbal medicine
  • Nutrition and diet       
  • QRA Kinesiology
  • Clay therapy
  • Cell salts
  • Diagnostic testing
  • High potency nutritional supplements
  • First Light Flower Essences 
  • Emotional repolarisation technique
  • Massage services